The  All In One MRSA Solution

Are You Tired Of Recurring Staph and MRSA Infections?

  • Have you been having re-curring MRSA/Staph Infections?
  • Are you tired of taking strong antibiotics that never work?
  • Suffer from a loss of self confidence and feelings of despair and helplessness because you can’t seem to break the cycle of infection?

As a 3 Year Sufferer of Chronic Staph Infection, I'll show you HOW I PERMANENTLY STOPPED MY REPEAT INFECTIONS!

​If you’re looking for permanent relief from your repeat MRSA infections, then this is probably the most important message you’ll ever read. Here's why:

There’s a TRUTH your doctor may be holding back from you.

The very treatments you’ve been using to battle MRSA could be setting you up for more serious infections … and even CANCER!

FACT : "Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) was responsible for an estimated 94,000 life-threatening infections and 18,650 deaths in 2005 ... that same year roughly 16,000 people died from AIDS" reported CDC researchers in the Oct. 17 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Why is this significant?

Because this was the first year the Center for Disease Control reported that in the United States:


... But this isn't even the worst part.

Let me explain:
It’s natural as a MRSA sufferer that you want to get immediate relief. And this is the way Western medicine has been set up — to give you quick relief BUT without considering the later damages these ‘quick fixes’ can cause you.
So your symptoms are treated while the root cause of your infection is overlooked...only for the infection to return again later.
The truth is:

Your "Treatments" could be making you sicker

Because this ‘quick-fix’ method of treating the symptoms of diseases rather than the root cause has plagued Western medicine to the extent that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is now WARNING the overuse of antibiotics has bred some ‘super bugs’ that are resistant to any antibiotics the fat-cat drug companies can throw at them.

Please Listen Up, This is Important!

Every time we use an antibiotic to kill an infection, some bacteria mutate (meaning adapt) to survive the attack breeding a new strain of bacteria that no longer respond to that drug.

So a more powerful drug has to be cooked up and some bacteria adapt to this new drug and this cycle continues until the bacteria finally win the fight in the end.

What this means is that the standard prescriptions from your doctor for MRSA infections can be locking you into a deadly cycle of recurring breakouts.

… and don’t expect your doctor or the pharmaceutical companies who make your “treatments” to complain once you’re paying their high medical fees.

What’s more, bacterial and viral infections are fast becoming known as the second leading cause of Cancer!

So if you allow MRSA to repeatedly infect your body, you are inviting the very conditions for CANCER and other chronic diseases to thrive.

Is there anyone left THAT YOU CAN TRUST?

So if you can’t trust your doctor or the fat-cat drug companies to help stop your repeat MRSA infections, what are you suppose to do?

I was diagnosed with a chronic case of MRSA 7 years ago. Ugly boils and large rashes would suddenly appear all over my body and face causing extreme pain and embarrassment.

I visited multiple doctors on a regular basis to have the boils cut and drained … then I would always walk away with the usual cocktail of antibiotics.

Between the medical care, over-the-counter products and cleaning supplies - MRSA was literally costing me a fortune.

  1. I was hopelessly and helplessly trapped into a monthly cycle of going to my doctor:
    … getting boils lanced
    … receiving antibiotics
    … getting some minor relief
    … only to have the infections return again later.
    I became paranoid and would panic whenever anything resembling MRSA appeared on my body.
    Questions started to plague my mind:

  2. Why me?
    Why can't my doctor stop my repeat MRSA outbreaks?
    Is there no cure for this terrible sickness?

    How much longer will I have to suffer from these merciless infections?

I wanted more than a Temporary Relief. I wanted A CURE!

Over time the agony, frustration, and embarrassment got to me. I tried so many different things, but nothing seemed to work. doctor even had to prescribe Vancomycin (the “last resort” drug) before I underwent surgery to ensure MRSA did not ravage my surgical site.

I was so depressed because I felt as if I had no control over what was happening to me.

But after yet another severe MRSA outbreak, I finally decided I was not going to settle for my doctor’s “we’re doing all we can” explanation any longer.

... I was determined to find something to help me not only treat, but stop my repeat MRSA outbreaks from ever coming back.

For the next three months the Internet became my best friend. Like a mad scientist I dug through medical research, studied natural remedies, participated in MRSA victim forums, emailed Naturopathic doctors, and spoke to dermatologists.

By the time I was through with my research I had reviewed over 200 different websites to gain as much perspective on MRSA treatment and prevention as I could.

I was seeking something more than just general information —

I was looking for specific ways to eliminate MRSA proven either through scientific studies or clinical trials.

Most of the information I found fell into two categories:

Free, general information about common sense hygiene and recommendations on when to see your doctor and . . .

Paid, specific information about root causes of MRSA attacks, but nothing on how to cure the disease.

Even expensive sites were silent on the solution. For this breakthrough I had to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to come up with a MRSA eradication approach that has allowed me to go …

More Than 5 Years Without A Single MRSA Infection.

You read right ...

After three years of worry, anxiety, and mounting medical bills — not to mention being too humiliated to go out in public—I was finally able to enjoy a life free of aggressive MRSA outbreaks.

When I started sharing my eradication program with other MRSA sufferers I had become friends with along my road to recovery and saw the results they were getting I decided, “Why not share my technique and tools with other MRSA victims around the world who are suffering just like I had?”

After much research, I developed a 3 pronged approach...

Step 1:  MRSA is Internal.

Literally, hundreds of clinical studies showed a certain natural component can kill MRSA bacteria directly and fight internal body infection.

Step 2:  MRSA is External.

I created a  Skin Spray, that had this powerful natural antibiotic + other natural componentswill help fight any external skin infection.

Step 3:  MRSA is Environmental.

Hospital infections, personal and home room infection contact can put you, loved ones and others at risk. I created a environmental liquid product that can help – as well as a good essential oil blend.

The Problem and The ANSWER.

Staphylococcus aureus has become a very serious, even life-threatening infection! It has become a “super-bug”, resistant to common antibiotics - especially methicillin. It is now called MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

This presents some very big problems:
1. Treatment by specialized antibiotics is difficult, expensive and not always successful (people still die from MRSA).

2. MRSA is also very contagious. It is easily spread from person to person through direct touch or contaminated objects or surfaces. (Even airborne contamination can happen.)

The good news is that there is a “Complete System” of using natural nutrients to fight MRSA on these different fronts. Even better, they do not have interactions with standard medical procedures.

There is reason why antibiotics have failed in the treatment, is

1. These bacteria have morphed over the years and have become drug resistant, thus rendering these drugs ineffective.

2. They also have a protective layer of protein that protects them from external attacks. This layer is called Fibrin.

Having understood these 2 problems. The answer was evident.

Find scientific research about natural/herbal components that these bacteria cannot become resistant to.

Find scientific research about natural/herbal components that can dissolve the protein layers, thus exposing the bacteria and leaving them vulnerable.

After 2 years of consulting, research and studies, i deicded to try . . .

MONOLAURIN - For Internal Infections

Explorers wondered why the South Sea natives were so resistant to the diseases that killed so many American Indians.  Scientists discovered that our bodies convert some of coconut oil into Monolaurin. (Our pellet form increases the conversion from 4% to 99%!)  Monolaurin has been shown to kill all bad pathogen (bad) bacteria it is exposed to – including MRSA!

Monolaurin absorbs into the membranes of the MRSA bacteria.  When enough Monolaurin has been absorbed, it weakens the membranes and they rupture and die.  There are, literally, hundreds of clinical studies on Monolaurin showing its antimicrobial effects (Isaacs and Thormar 1990).

Monolaurin is also better than some other products because it does not harm body cells or good bacteria (they have different membranes)! Also, a scoop (1 tsp.) of Monolaurin pelletshas 3,000 mg and is the lowest price-per-mg available.

Proteolytic Enzymes - To Dissolve The Protein Protection

What is a proteolytic enzyme?  Good question...

  An enzyme is simply described as something that will help dissolve foods for digestion and absorption.  Most dictionaries will describe an enzyme as a catalyst, usually a protein produced by a living organism, that increases the rate at which chemical reactions occur.  There are over 700 identified human enzymes, and each enzyme has a specific biochemical reaction involving a specific substance.

   With a proteolytic enzyme, the word "proteolytic" refers to a process known as proteolysis - the breaking down of proteins into simple compounds.  

   So, the bottom line is that proteolytic enzymes help dissolve proteins - something bad protein fibers don't like at all.

I discovered some of the best enzymes are this purpose are,

  • Serrapeptase
  • Nattokinase
  • Bromelain  
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Papain 
  • Boswelic Acid
  • NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) 
  • Amylase – Glucoamylase

It was a gamble but all that was left was for me find natural supplements that had these ingredients. There was a lot of experimentation and i had to work closely with Naturopath, to effect some lifestyle changes especially cutting down on my sugar intake because MRSA feeds on sugar.

Fast forward 1 year a later, I was symptom free and all my test came back clear. I broke down in tears.


I then decided to work with my Naturopath to research and create a range of quality products that would help others and after 16 months, 

I present . . .

The Ultimate Natural Immune System Booster and Biofilm Buster.

Immune Booster

What Makes Our Monolaurin the "Ulti​​​​mate"?    

Actually, our body adds glycerol to other coconut acids as well and converts them into monoglycerides of MonoCaprin, MonoCaprylin and MonoMyristin.  We wanted to combine them together as a family and offer a little fuller spectrum of the coconut monoglycerides than others.  So, we have included our exclusive"MonoCaprin Plus"™ to provide: 

Plus up to:

Our Ultimate Monolaurin® is the fullest blend of these monoglycerides available.  

Dissolve Fibrin

Our Bio-Fibrin® Enzymes.

Our trademarked formula is the ultimate Bio-Fibrin®, because it uses substantial amounts of five proteolytic enzymes - led by the famous Serrapeptase and Nattokinase combo, and supported with Bromelain, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Papain.  

   Our products contain nutrients that must be:

  • Lab-certified - highest quality ingredients
  • Full spectrum - of ingredients needed for success
  • Highly absorbable - designed for full effect in your body
  • Proper amounts - to give you the optimum results

 Purchased individually, these ingredients could cost as much as $120 a month! Combining them in our Bio-Fibrin® formula can lower the cost to a cup of coffee a day!  

Skin Defense

Nature to the Rescue

 Our Skin Defense active ingredients has a high percentage of monolaurin emulsified into it - as well as micron sized particle colloidal silver, aloe vera and essential oils!

  People have become very excited about the ability of monolaurin lately with hundreds of clinical studies behind it!  Silver and essential oils (the defense plants use for themselves) have centuries of history as they have been used for thousands of years.  

 We have pioneered the external use of monolaurin and revived the application of the natural ability of silver and essential oils into one blend.  These natural cleaning alternatives have become more important today with the arrival of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.

A Skin-Friendly Lotion

   As an added advantage, we have been able to emulsify the monolaurin, colloidal silver and essential oils into a skin-friendly base that is 82% organic.  This means that nutrients, such as aloe vera, jojoba, neem oil, vitamin E and other nutrients are available to nourish skin and help it recover.

   The spray applicator also helps to spread the lotion and to minimize abrasion to sensitive skin.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“I Still can't believe it worked so well.”

It had been maybe four months that I’d had a MRSA infection, and no matter what I did I couldn’t find a way to make it go away. I’d went to my family doctor and gotten no better. Same story when I went to a specialist. I’d heard of these kinds of books, but I’ve never really believed in them.

But, after a couple months of my wife recommending (rather forcefully, in fact!) that I try various programs; I decided to give one a try. It was really just by pure chance that I saw your program, and boy, am I happy that I did! I still can’t believe it worked so well, I’m honestly in shock!

Thanks Christine, you’ve changed mine (and my wife’s!) lives for the better!

Thank you so much.

Iweayan Ngozi

“Now I can hold my grandchildren again..."

“I was extremely scared with my infections. They completely stopped me from going near my grandchildren. My daughter gave me your program. It was so easy to follow and it made so much sense. Not to mention it worked. Now I can hold my grandchildren again."

Mrs Adetokunbo

“I will never doubt a natural cure again!"

“I was on just about every antibiotic available: Amoxicillian, levaquin, erythromicin, clendamicin, tetracycline, and bactrim. I was so skeptical about trying this natural program but I was so desperate, I had nothing else to turn to. All I can say is I will never doubt a natural cure again. 

Ahmed Garba

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See what others are saying . . .

“Am short of words. . .  God Bless You.

“My name is Mrs Olujimi and I have been battling MRSA for my daughter for almost 10 years. Ever since she was a little girl, she got recurrent boils and I always thought she was just prone to boils and that was that!

After so many years of going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, Rocephin shots and constantly trying out one thing after another I finally figured out that this had to be MRSA. My sister is a Nurse and said no doubt Yemisi has MRSA. The last straw was about 6 months ago, I tried a natural remedy from a company on the Internet for immunities and she broke out in a carbuncle the size of about a small nut! I was devastated. I tried putting Betadine scrub on her skin every time she took a bath. I knew this was systemic but what would kill this! I didn't have a clue. I was surfing the net one day and found your website.

Your website opened my eyes and shocked me by what I read. I started the protocol and Mr Collinswas very, very kind and only too helpful with each question I had concerning this battle that I was fighting with my daughter. I have been using this protocol for a couple of weeks but was hesitant to use the herb that you recommended full force.

Well, yesterday yemisi had another break out on the buttocks and I was desperate. I started giving her the herb as you recommended and today she woke up and the lesion was barely there. It was very red and angry and full of pus yesterday. Today it looked like it had shrunk and no pus was there. I truly believe without this regimen my daughter would still be suffering nonstop with this monster called MRSA.

Mr collins is not only honest, he is compassionate and very helpful with any questions one might have. I recommend his products wholeheartedly. Most Internet items are scams or they just want to take your money and run. Mr Chris is a real person with real solutions. I bless the day that I came across you. Follow her protocol and you will definitely get amazing results. 

Mrs Olujimi

“You guys saved my life . . .I am beyond grateful..."

“I am a teacher by profession and I was really worried with my MRSA infection. It would have killed me if I accidently spread this disease to the children. 

I also had a hard time choosing outfits because I had to make sure that it would cover the infection. I could not just wear anything because I was so ashamed of how MRSA left my arm with deep bruises and scars. My skin really looked awful. 

Well, after my "experiments" with the doctors were getting me nowhere, I came across your website. At first I was hesitant to try it and I feared that it’s only a scam, but when I did, it left me eating my words. 

I could feel the effects almost immediately ... now today I'm completely clear of my infections. Thanks for making this product. It has literally saved my life.

Ibukun Phillips

It was not long after I was diagnosed with MRSA that I was looking at alternate options for treating the infection. After a bit of research, I found your program. It was so informative and educational.

I found it difficult at first to put money into a MRSA Treatment program without knowing for sure that it would help, but knowing what I know now, it was worth every penny. If I can convince one person to go with their instinct and buy this book, then I feel I have given something back.

I am back to normal again because of your wonderful product. Thank you so much!

Collins Adetiba

About the Author

​I am not a doctor or health professional. I am simply suffered from MRSA and i overcame it.

I created this site to share my story and how i overcame this problem.

By the GRACE OF GOD, we have create these supplements to help everyone suffering with MRSA. If you have any questions, give us a call on 08068354455.

Natural Antibiotics vs Chemical Drugs

Natural Antibiotics

  • angle-right
    Bacteria and Virus cannot become resistant to herbs.
  • angle-right
    Natural Products have less side effects on the body.
  • angle-right
    Herbs have multi effect on the body and are highly beneficial

Chemical Drugs

  • angle-right
    Bacteria pathogen quickly becomes resistant to conventional drugs.
  • angle-right
    They are full of side effects and this has resulted to lawsuits for many manufacturers.
  • angle-right
    Most chemical drugs do just one thing and can be very limited.

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